What’s for dinner?

Hello lovelies, how you doing this week? We are headed toward some warmer weather (finally) which means lazy days, sandals, and gin and tonics (oh yes, gin weather you are my favourite). What do you want most for dinner when it’s warm? We are putting together our next menu for November, so we’re hoping you’ll tell us what you’d most like for dinner. Get in touch.

We are seven weeks into our little venture now and are learning all the time. We want to thank you all for being on this wild ride – a journey, if you will – as we figure out our little place in the world. We want to thank everyone who got their deliveries late on Sunday night for being so understanding and patient. You could say we were a little unprepared for how this little idea would take off, but we are thrilled that it has. It has been so wonderful to see what families are enjoying eating, and what tired, busy people are coming home to every night. Warms the cockles of our hearts to be a part of something as important as your dinner. Make sure you show/tell us – use the #dishandspoonmelbourne or #comehomefordinner so we can see!


Also, is it too soon to talk Christmas? It might be, but just so you know it’s going to be big. Gifts, Christmas dinners, catering for functions, feeding your families – we’ve got you covered. More to come but if you want to know more ahead of the game, get in touch.


Thank you all for being here, we HEART you x

2 responses to “What’s for dinner?

  1. I would like to see a Mexican dish maybe burritos or enchiladas with a bit of guacamole and maybe a shepherd’s pie or lasagna. Some lemon chicken with fried rice would be fantastic too.

    1. That’s great Hanna, thank you! I agree, a bit of warmth in your food is so good when it’s hot. I’ll pass it on to the chef x

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