The best part…

The best part of being a small, family business, is being a small, family business. Did you know that about us? That we are just a family who loves to eat and loves feeding people? We are a family, and it takes all of us (including some very precious members overseas cheering from the sidelines) to make this little venture work. We are cooking, cleaning, delivering, talking, meeting, eating, writing – just us. When we bring your delivery on Sundays, it’s members of our family that come to meet you. And we love it! These last few weeks have been so special. We have all worked really hard, but we have received the most incredible feedback (some of which will be posted here, stay tuned!) that what we are doing is great. That people are enjoying the dinners so much. That it’s helping busy families to get through the week. That they have leftovers for lunch because the servings are so generous. That they love the personal touches on each delivery. We are so thrilled to be doing what we love, and sharing it with you all. This is a massive shout out to each of you who have ordered with us – old friends and new friends – and allowed us to be a part of your day. And it’s also a massive thank you to ALL our family (you know who you are) without whom none of this would be possible. All the dishes you wash, all the hours of child care, all the work in the background doesn’t go unnoticed. It takes a village. Or a family. We love you xx

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