A note on our dishes

Dish And Spoon Melbourne make your dinners in the same enamel bake wear that you use at home. Pop them in the oven, cook your delicious meal, and serve up from them at the table. The dishes look lovely, and for us, it’s so important that they be reused time and time again to reduce packaging and environmental impact. They are hardy and are built to last (we still use Grandma’s enamel bake wear in our kitchens), and they are dishwasher safe.

After you’ve eaten your delicious meals for the week, and you’ve given the dishes a quick wash, we will collect them from you when we bring your next order. Easy! If you don’t place another order that’s okay too. We will contact you two weeks from your last delivery and will arrange to collect the dishes when it’s convenient for you.

Terms and conditions – dishes

  1. Meals that are delivered in bake wear dishes (main family style meals) must be returned to Dish And Spoon Melbourne in the condition they were delivered in.
  2. Dishes that are returned damaged will incur a charge to the purchasing card or PayPal account.
  3. Dish And Spoon will collect bake wear dishes fourteen days from last customer order if a return order has not been placed. Dishes can be left at front door or other central point (ie main reception in office block) for collection if arranged prior. Dishes that are unable to be collected (Dish And Spoon will attempt contact by preferred method – email or telephone) after fourteen days from last order will be charged to preferred payment method.
  4. Dish And Spoon Melbourne will notify the client if a charge has been attempted or made to their preferred payment method for the cost of the bakewear if it has not been able to be returned.
  5. Occasionally Dish And Spoon Melbourne may need to make last minute menu changes, depending on seasonal ingredients and availability. Apologies if we can’t communicate this to you before your delivery is made.
  6. Dish And Spoon Melbourne may choose not to continue delivering to a customer that has damaged or failed to return baking trays and delivery boxes.