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We are up to week 6 of Dish And Spoon Melbourne, and time is flying by! We are starting work on November’s menu, and are beginning to have visions of sugarplums – and gingerbread men, rum and raisin brownies, plum pudding ice cream, and other ‘C’ word related foods – so exciting! (but more on that to come). For now, we’d love to hear from you. We want to know what you’ve been enjoying in your orders, or what you’d love to see on the next months menu. Tell us what your family love to eat. We’ve shared some of our favourites with you, now we want you to help with designing our new summer menu. Think light and tasty favourites for warm evenings, possibly to be eaten outdoors, or with doors wide open and sunlight coming through. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s hope this lovely Melbourne sunshine sticks around. We can’t wait to hear from you xx

2 responses to “Tell us about your favourites…

  1. Hello! I love all of your meals but a hint of heat and it is all over for the stubborn 7 year old. Her favourite meals (and, therefore, the meals that I would love to see on the menu next month!) are meatballs (absolute favorites), lasagne, lamb shepherds pie and slow-cooked lamb and veges.

    1. Thanks so much Alina, that’s really good to know. We’ve tried to keep anything with spice very mild, because not all small people like heat as you say. I think we can bring back the meatballs just for her! Apparently they are an all round favourite. Will put all the suggestions to the Chef. Thanks so much xx

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