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Q: Do you cater for Vegetarians?

A: Yup, we sure do. There is always at least one vegetarian option in your weekly menu, along with a good mix of meat and fish dishes. If you or your family are exclusively vegetarian, just tick the ‘I’m Vegetarian’ box when you place your order, and enjoy a delicious selection of veggie-full dinners.

Q: How long are our dinners good for in the fridge?

A: Your dinners are cooked fresh, and can be stored in the fridge for four days (that’s why we deliver four dinners, to take care of the four busiest days of the week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!) If you find that you don’t get around to eating one of your meals over those days, pop them in the freezer and pull them out whenever your dinner is in need of rescuing.

Q: When can we see the menu for next week, or even the week after that?

A: We will send all our customers on our mailing list an email with the menu for next week, and the next three weeks after that, so that you can plan your dinners and your lives ahead (it gives you a tremendous sense of efficiency and organisation!). We’ll also pop these up on the website for your perusal.

Q: Where do your ingredients come from? Are they free-range and organic?

A: We use the best, fresh, seasonal produce that we can source. We shop at the markets, buy direct from farmers, and we only use free-range eggs in our cooking. We feel especially strongly about sourcing the best quality meat that we can. When we use organic or free-range meat we tell you, so that you know we’ve found the best quality for you that we can.

Q: What does delivery cost?

A: A small delivery fee will be applied to all orders except Feed Me orders from January, because Dish And Spoon Melbourne travel all over Melbourne to bring you dinners and this helps us ensure we can get to as many of you as possible.

For orders to addresses within a 5km radius of Flemington, shipping will be free.

Q: When do you deliver?

A: Orders are delivered on Sunday and Monday afternoons in a window between 12 and 5. If you are concerned you'll miss your delivery please get in touch feedme@dishandspoon.melbourne and we'll try to arrange a time for delivery that suits you.

When do I need to place my order for delivery this coming Sunday?

The deadline for orders that can be delivered to you the same week you order is midnight on Wednesday. Orders placed between Thursday and Sunday will be delivered to you the following Sunday. If you have just missed the cut off and desperately need your dinners, let us know and we will try our best to bring your order quicker feedme@dishandspoon.melbourne

Q: Do you provide low-carb, low calorie, and “clean eating” menus?

A: Frankly my dear, no. We don’t. We are only interested in providing food that families love eating, with fresh, seasonal ingredients which nourish small tummies (and not so small tummies) and tastes great. We reckon this is healthy eating at its best: wholesome, homemade, and fresh.

Q: Why is the minimum order four dinners? Can I order more or less than that if I want to?

A: We think that four dinners provides busy people with maximum convenience. Dinner happens every night, right? During the week seems to be the time when most people need a little help with dinner. You’re running late to collect the kids, someone’s got a late meeting, there’s a basketball game to get to – who is making the dinner? We are! You have four delicious dinners in your fridge ready and waiting for your oven. Dinner saved. And because, like we said, dinner just keeps happening every day, there is an Extras Menu with all sorts of extra deliciousness that you can order to keep the fridge or freezer well stocked. Winning!

Q: What if I miss my delivery? Will you leave it at the front door for me?

A: Yes! We deliver your dinners in cooler box – a reusable, Styrofoam box – that will keep your dinners cool for around three hours, but the sooner you can get them into the fridge the better. If we make your delivery and you aren’t home, we will send you a text message or give you a phone call to let you know. From that time, you’ve got that three hour window to get your meals into the fridge. After that we can’t guarantee that your meals will be okay to eat (especially if the weather is warm) so with any luck, you’ll be able to race home and snuggle them into the fridge where they belong. Oh, and if we leave you with a Styrofoam box we will collect this from you along with your enamel-wear dishes when we bring your next order, or at a time we’ve arranged with you to collect the dishes (see Terms & Conditions for more info on this).

Q: How do I contact Dish And Spoon Melbourne?

A: You can contact us anytime via the contact page on our website, www.dishandspoon.melbourne, or you can email us at feedme@dishandspoon.melbourne . We will get back to you as quickly as we can!