Delivering Sunday and Monday

(We will confirm your delivery day when your order is placed, and delivery day is dependent upon your location)


A full Vegetarian menu is also available, and now you can see the alternatives to the two meat meals here online! If you chose the Vegetarian meal box, you’ll receive those two options plus the two vegetable options in the menu. Delicious!

Week 1

Delivering Sunday 30th June and Monday 1st of July

German meatloaf with mash

VEG OPTION: Maple lentil meatloaf
Chicken cacciatore
VEG OPTION: Spinach ricotta meatballs
Quinoa cauliflower cakes
Pumpkin spinach ricotta lasagna

Week 2

Delivering Sunday 7th July and Monday 8th of July

Chicken Katsu curry
VEG OPTION: Tofu katsu curry

Chilli con carne nachos
VEG OPTION: Vego chilli and nachos
Chickpea ‘Mac n cheese’
Cauliflower leek pies

Week 3

Delivering Sunday 14th July and Monday 15th of July

Chicken Parma and veggies
VEG OPTION: Eggplant parmigiana
Beef  massaman and rice
VEG OPTION: Thai green tofu with rice
Pumpkin feta frittata
Bean and mushroom burrito

Week 4

Delivering Sunday 21st of July and Monday 22nd of July

Butter chicken and rice
VEG OPTION: Chickpeas coconut curry
Gourmet lamb sausages and mash
VEG OPTION:  Veggie sausages with mash
Spinach ricotta cannelloni
Garden burgers with relish