Delivering Sunday and Monday

(We will confirm your delivery day when your order is placed, and delivery day is dependent upon your location)


A full Vegetarian menu is also available, and now you can see the alternatives to the two meat meals here online! If you chose the Vegetarian meal box, you’ll receive those two options plus the two vegetable options in the menu. Delicious!

Week 1

Delivering Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th of November
Greek chicken skewers
Vegetarian option: Grilled veggie skewers
Pulled pork burritos
Vegetarian option: Black bean quesadilla
Pumpkin almond Agnolotti
Cheesy stuffed potatoes

Week 2

Delivering Sunday 10th and Monday 11th of November

Prosciutto chicken
Vegetarian option: Spinach and mushroom risotto
Nonna’s beef Lasagna
Vegetarian option: grilled vegetable lasagna
Stuffed peppers
Spinach and ricotta triangles

Week 3

Delivering Sunday 17th and Monday 18th of November

Honey soy chicken
Vegetarian option: Honey soy tofu
Lamb feta meatballs
Vegetarian option: Lentil meatloaf
Butternut pumpkin Dahl
Zucchini lemon orecchiette

Week 4

Delivering Sunday 24th and Monday 25th of November

Hawaiian Parma
Vegetarian option: Eggplant Parma
Chilli con carne with nachos
Vegetarian option: Veggie “non carne”!
Sun dried feta quiche
Jamie’s Green Mac n Cheese