Delivering Sunday and Monday

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January 2020!

A full Vegetarian menu is also available, and now you can see the alternatives to the two meat meals here online! If you chose the Vegetarian meal box, you’ll receive those two options plus the two vegetable options in the menu. Delicious!

Week 3

Delivering Sunday 19th and Monday 20th of January
Grilled bruschetta chicken
VEG option: Eggplant bruschetta
Beef burritos with bean salad
VEG option: Grilled vegetable quesadillas
Veggie burgers with hummus
Japanese pancakes

Week 4

Delivering Sunday 26th and Monday 30th of January

Lime and coconut chicken
VEG option: Tofu coconut curry
Chimichurri steak sandwich
VEG option: Grilled vegetable Turkish rolls
Zucchini and haloumi fritters
Soba noodles