Mamas, I want to hear from you…

Mamas, something has just occurred to me, and I want to ask your advice. I was listening to the Scummy Mummies podcast this morning (and if you aren’t into them yet, you must have a listen – incredibly funny but sometimes very poignant parenting chat. Also they swear a lot so don’t tune in if you’re not so onboard with that), but they were talking about the ‘super mum myth’. You know, this idea that mothers should be able to do everything – manage work, family, life, keep the ship afloat – and all effortlessly. Women are also sometimes not great at asking for help, so they just carry on until everything falls apart because it’s just not possible to do all the things. Do you know what I mean?

I was thinking about how we can better reach out to mamas. We created this business for busy people of all kinds, not just parents, but my heart is really in the busy/working mama space right now. I want to tell mothers like me juggling balls all day that it’s okay to ask for help from wherever you need it, and that the ‘super mum myth’ is exactly that. How can we reach busy mothers to let them know that we can help? Dinner happens every night, and for some working parents it can be a source of much angst. I’d love to hear from you if you have any ideas. Thanks for tuning in to the rambles! Caitlyn xx

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