Eating eating eating…

Hi you lovelies, happy beginning of the week. Hope it’s a good one for you. It’s cold, and wintery, and when is summer coming? For now, there is hot chocolate, and chocolate biscuits, and chicken pie. Oh yes. Much as I can’t wait for summer it’s not as cosy as winter. The Dane’s are really onto something with this ‘hygee’ concept, aren’t they? Everyone’s on the band wagon but I dig it. Candles, soft light, pristine Scandi furniture. What a dream! How do they keep said furniture clean with toddlers in the house? How? It’s an impossible dream for me. Everything is covered in pieces of Duplo (oh wait, Lego is Scandi!) and crayons and Maisy Mouse books. Maybe one day our house will be in order and the Hygge will be flowing. In the meantime, chicken pie is my go to, and I hope it brings you a bit of comfort this week too. Caity x

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