Hungry yet?

If you’ve had a delicious delivery over the weekend, we hope you thoroughly enjoy your meals this week. It’s not too early to be thinking ahead for next week – here’s what’s on the menu! Chicken satay stir fry (Vegetarian option: Satay vegetables)Lamb Shepherd’s Pie (Vegetarian option: Lentil Shepherd’s Pie)Stuffed PeppersEggplant Zucchini Bake Orders are … Continued

Good morning, friends

We’ve got a new newsletter just out, so see what’s on the menu for this week and get your orders in quick! D&S x

Ready for dinner?

Ready for a fridge full of delicious food to see you through the week? Ready for a break from cooking and preparing meals? Ready for homemade meals that you don’t have to make? Look no further then the new menu for the last week of July, available for your perusal here. Get your orders in … Continued

And we’re back!

Delivering fresh, delicious, homemade dinners to you on Sunday and Monday – our new menu for July is up on our website, see what’s in store if you get your order in before midnight tonight. We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon xo

Get yer orders in!

Hi lovelies! Tis almost order cut off time, so pop your orders in by Wednesday midnight for delicious homemade meals delivered to your door this weekend. Your future self will thank you! Did you see the news on our website? Dish And Spoon Melbourne will be closed for four weeks over June. D&S HQ is … Continued

New menu up!

Hello there, hope you’re looking forward to a wonderful week ahead. If you’ve got some dinners arriving this afternoon, we hope you love them! There’s a new menu for the month of May up on our website for your perusal, and don’t forget to place your orders by this Wednesday if you’d like to see … Continued

Come home for dinner! We’re back this weekend

Hello there! Did you stuff yourself to the gills with chocolate eggs and Easter buns? Feeling ready for some fresh, nutritious, home made dinners to fill your belly with something warming and healthy? We are back delivering your dinners this Sunday and Monday, so do get your orders in quickly (by tomorrow midnight!) to make … Continued

How do you like ya lentils?

Hello loves! Just a quick FYI for you, we’ve had some overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers about Chef Brett’s incredible lentil version of Shepard’s Pie, which we were going to put on the menu a bit down the track, but as we had lentil bolognese on the agenda for this weekend, we’ve decided to give … Continued

Welcome to April’s new menu + Easter break + tray amnesty

Hi there! Hope you’ve had a terrific Monday. Enjoy your dinners if you were lucky enough to receive a delivery this weekend (and sorry about the pork for those that might have been looking forward to it – unfortunately we had to make a last minute menu change), and a huge thank you to everyone … Continued

Let’s talk about dinner, baby

(sorry, couldn’t resist!) Hope you have all been enjoying your meals this week. Get your orders in fast for this long weekend; here’s what you have to look forward to (and full vegetarian boxes available too). Orders close at midnight tonight, see you soon! x Pesto Chicken Beef Massaman Curry Roast Vegetable Cornish Pastie Spinach … Continued

What’s for dinner?

Hello friends! We’ve got a new menu up (a whole month of new menus, actually!) and one day left to place an order for a delivery of delicious, home made meals. Thank you for all your orders so far – Sunday and Monday deliveries are filling up fast already, so do get in touch if … Continued