You asked, we listened! New delivery areas added

Good morning friends! Happy Monday to you. I hope it’s off to a ripper start. Had a coffee? That’s they only way to start Monday. Hopefully you are feeling fuelled up and ready to tackle the week. Remember, you have until Wednesday midnight to place your orders to receive some amazing meals delivered to your … Continued

Thank you!

This marks the end of the first official week of Dish And Spoon Melbourne. We want to thank you all, so much, for your tremendous support and encouragement. We have had such a terrific response and we are tickled pink. Truly! Thank you all. Thank you to everyone who has gotten in touch, and to … Continued


So, how lucky are we to live in this lovely little suburb? Or in its surrounds, if that’s where you are. Every day I am so heart-warmed by the people in this community – the ones I know and the ones I don’t – and feel really, truly, like this is a lovely place to … Continued

Comfort food

Welcome, friends, to Dish And Spoon Melbourne! We are glad you’re here. Let’s talk about why you’re here. Are you tired? Hungry? Worn out and in need of comfort and solace? Food is so good for that, isn’t it? When I’m exhausted from life my go-to is strong tea (Yorkshire Gold specifically, if you’re wondering), … Continued

Welcome to Dish and Spoon Melbourne

Hello there, how are you? Thanks so much for being here. It’s nice to see you. Please have a look around. This is our new website, and we are really fond of it. We made it for you, so that you can see who we are, what we are about, and what we like to … Continued