An important announcement for all our lovely customers…

So, we have some news, that mostly effects our Feed Me families. Chef Brett, and his co-captain, Pam, have worked so hard since Dish And Spoon Melbourne began in September last year, and they haven’t had a single weekend off since then. They lovingly cook, package, and deliver every meal you have had from Dish And Spoon, and they are absolute champions. So, we’ve decided that they need a holiday, just for one week, but it means there will be no deliveries on Sunday the 6th or Monday the 7th of May. All Feed Me subscriptions will be paused for that week, and full dinner service resumes the week after. If you have a multi-week order that means you would have had a delivery over this weekend, it will be delivered the following weekend. Thank you all so much for your understanding, and we are apologetic about any inconvenience caused. Our family business centres on the importance of family, so we are going to practice what we preach and take care of our own. There will be another pause for Feed Me’s mid-year, so if you like pop it in your diaries now. There will no orders delivered on Sunday 3rd of June or Monday 4th of June, for far less exotic reasons then an overseas holiday, but Dish And Spoon Melbourne will be feeding 400 doctors at the Royal Children’s Hospital that weekend. Again, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused but we have some very special people to feed! Please get in touch with Caitlyn anytime – – with any questions or concerns, and thank you all so much, as ever, for your support xx

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